We normally mail pictures on the next mailing day after you place the order.
After that it is out of our control and is based on the US post office and the facility's mail room.
Normal delivery time for the US post office is 3-7 business / weekdays and the facility's mail room normally takes 1-7 business / weekdays.

No. The Pic Interface service does not violate any of the facility regulations or safety policies. However there are rules about the content of the pictures and quantity per order/envelope, make sure you know what you are allowed to send.

  • Orders must be a minimum of 1 picture (4"x6" glossy) or 1 contact sheet (up to 35 thumbnails pics on a 8"x11").
  • Each order is limited to a maximum of 100 pictures.
  • Check the facility rules for the maximum number of pictures allowed per order/envelope.
  • You are responsible for the pictures content. Do not send images that you do not have copyrights to.
  • Do not send any prohibited content like: nudity, weapons, drugs/alcohol, or gang signs.
    Check the facilities rules if you are not sure what is allowed.
  • If pictures are returned we are not responsible and will not refund so please ensure to abide by the institutions rules.

You pay for each order using your Paypal account OR credit card (including pre-paid cards) OR debit card.
There are NO monthly fees.

No. You pay a one-time payment for each order. There are NO hidden, termination, or connection fees!

We know that your personal business is just that, your business. We do not sell any of your information in any way. Not even non-specific marketing data. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone.

We have a strict NO REFUND policy.  Once you have submitted your order and the order has been processed we cannot undo the costs incurred to print and process and ship the pictures to your loved one.